lengthLength (direction of span)

The overall dimension of the flooring panel measured prallel to the bearer bars. Note: This dimension is always referred to as the length even if it is shorter than the width. Span (See length)


A flat bar of greater depth that the bearer bar, welded or bolted to teh end, sides or around cut-outs of a floor panel. The kickplate projects above the top of the bearer bar.


The overall dimension of the flooring panel measured at right angles to the bearer bars

Gross AreaGross Area

The total area of flooring in rectangular panels from which the completed floor will be fabricated. This is the area that will be invoiced.

Bearer BarBearer Bar

The load carrying member of uniform section running between supports.


An area of flooring removed to permit pipes, plant, and structural columns etc, to pass through or to clear obstructions.

Transverse BarTransverse Bar

A member fixed at right angles to the bearer bar to provide lateral restraint.

Fixing ClipsFixing clips, Saddle clamps, Locking Plates

Devices by which flooring is attached to the supporting structure.


The distance centre-to-centre of the bearer bars, or centre-to-centre of transverse bars. Note: Pitch is not the size of the opening.

side plateSideplate

A plate welded to the stairhead fir fixing to a stringer.

Open Ended SystemO.E.S (Open Ended System)

This applies to grating only where panels are not branded in their length or width.


A non-slip slighting edge welded to the front of a stairhead.


This only applies to where the panel is open at both ends of the bearer bars, and the transverse bars are trimmed flush on both sides.

Lipped Tread PlateLipped Tread Plate

A narrower sighting edge welded onto the edge of grating on stairway landings.


Bars of similar thickness to the bearer bars are welded to the perimeter of the grating

Bitumen Dipped

Only suitable for indoor and non-corrosive or very mildly corrosive outdoor conditions with no exposure to direct sunlight.

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