Two sizes available
  • 500 mm wide
  • 750 mm wide
  • 2.5mm thick
  • 100mm Vertical upturn
  • Supplied with splice plates, saddle clamps, jointing channel, bolts, nuts, and washers.
  • Non slip
  • High strength / mass ratio
  • Long life
  • Ease of erection
  • Jointing channels
  • Splice plates
  • Saddle clamps
  • Bolts - nuts and washers

NOTE: If supporting steelwork occurs at the end on one panel, preventing the jointing channel from joining with the next, the jointing channel should be fitted to the unsupported mesh to eliminate deflection there. Posigrip walkway

To avoid Posigrip deflection at butting ends a jointing channel is positioned across the underside of the joint. The two saddle clamps lie below the non slip surface and are not a hazard. Nuts are pre-fixed to the jointing channel to facilitate positioning from the top of the walkway

walkway - undersiide view


posigrip diagram
  • Safety: The Posigrip pattern provides superior non-slip safety.
  • High Strength / Mass Ratio: The sections are designed for logitudinal span thus obviating unnecessary
  • Splice details: Transverse loading is transferred to the kickflats which are provided with two slotted holes at each end and positioned around the neutral axis. Pressed angle slice plates fit on the outsides and into the returned top edges. M10 bolts and nuts are provided..
  • Long Life: Clean open sections with no welding or butting surfaces to trap corrosive elements, makes them ideal for special protective finishes.
  • Erection: The light sections are easy and safe to erect.
  • Holding Down: Where welding is undesirable, M bolts or channel bolts to suit transverse supports should be obtained 20mm longer than depth or section to keep fixing below surface. Saddle clamps are provided.
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