Available in 3 sizes
channel diagram
  • 150 x 2450 (nominal)
  • 250 x 2450 (nominal)
  • 305 x 2450 (nominal)
  • All 2mm thick.
  • Can be uncoated, galvanized, or bitumen dipped.
  • Standard length 2450.
  • 10mm diameter hole along the length in the vertical leg.
  • Kickflats are available if required.


  • Fish plates
  • Bolts, nuts, and washers

walkway planks photo

  • Planks can be used on their own or in various combinations to form a walkway.
  • Reinforced fish plates secured to each walkway section by bolts, nuts, and washers, join one section to the next
  • A 6mm thick kickflat is secured by 8mm bolts and nuts to the walkway. Thickness and height of kickflats are manufactured to customer specification.
  • Walkway sections are joined laterally by 8mm bolts and nuts to form a strong 4mm thick base between sections.
Possible Walkway Combinations
150mm 250mm 305mm mm
  2   500
    2 610
1   2 760
  1 2 860
2   2 910
    3 915
  4   1000
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