Pierced nosing is supplied as standard on all stair treads. The nosing provides:

  • a non-slip footing.
  • extra strength where concentrated loads occur.
  • a sighting edge

A side plate is welded to each side of the stair tread for bolting to supports. These side plates are punched to accommodate 12mm diameter bolts at centres shown for various tread widths.

Special designs of side plates, non standard punching or non standard sizes can be supplied to customer's specifications. Treads can also be manufactured without side plates for welding direct to stringers, tank sides etc.

  • Prices are subject to quotation.
  • On widths +/- 20mm
  • On lengths +/- 3mm
Materials and Finishes Available

Mild steel: Uncoated, bitumen dipped or galvanized. Other paint specifications on application.

Stairtread Lengths
Stairtread Widths mm
165 and 125 165 to 285
Bearer Bar Size
Side Plate Size
Up to and including 750 60 x 3 25 x 4.5
751 to 1000 60 x 3 30 x 4.5
1001 to 1200 60 x 3 40 x 4.5

Stock Sizes
Size mm Uncoated
Mass KG
600 x 210 5.5
600 x 245 6.5
750 x 210 7.1
750 x 245 8.2
900 x 245 10.8
1000 x 285 13.2

Grating Stair Treads

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