Talored Grating

We can manufacture grating according to your requirements - no matter how large or complicated

  • Intricate shaping and prefabrication of grating, no matter how large or complicated, can be manufactured from customer's drawings.
  • These drawings to be supplied in duplicate showing correct dimensioned layouts of supports, cut-outs and kickplates.
  • Adequate clearances will be allowed. Panels will be marked to correspond with the marked-up drawing which is returned to the customer to ensure easy installation.
  • Our technical staff are available. to assist and advise on the specification of grating for any application.


Sections of the panels can be cut out to fit around structures.

  • Cut-Outs in flooring are included in the area of the panel.
  • This will be charged for as a panel area i.e. A x B = Area of panel (gross)


cut outs

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